ICSF WORLDS: Murphy announces Team GB news

Team GB manager Dave Murphy has identified a number of riders who are in consideration for places in the GB squad for the 2015 Ashes series against Australia, whilst he is also sending out a message to all riders with aspirations to ride for Team GB that they have until the end of May to stake their claim for a squad place.

Murphy, with assistance from Head Coach Stuart Raven, will be gathering information, watching Elite League race meetings and studying videos of recent EL matches over the next few weeks before selecting a 16-rider squad.

Murphy has revealed to 33/18 News that the following 24 riders are in consideration for the Ashes squad which will be confirmed on June 1st:

Andy Angell, Lee Aris, Mark Boaler, Josh Brooke, Mark Carmichael, Myke Grimes, Jack Harrold, Steve Harris, Ashley Hill, Paul Heard, Ben Higham, Chris Jewkes, Ricki Johnson. Arron Morgan, Ben Mould, Zac Payne, Lewis Roberts, Ben Scranage, Chris Parish, Aaron Smith, Matt Smith, Adam Stephenson, Chris Timms and Gavin Wheeler.

The 3-test series takes place at Horspath (Monday July 27th), Newport (Wednesday July 29th) and Coventry (Thursday Aug 6th) so Murphy will be asking riders to confirm their availability for these dates before announcing the squad.

Team GB will also be looking to track its strongest eight-rider team in the ICSF Federation Cup at East Park on Sat Aug 8th and the manager has a message to those riders not listed in the 24, who think they have a claim to a place in the squad – “Show me what you can do over the next few weeks and give me something to think about”.

The GB manager has suggested that Nicky Evans, Aaron Herbert, Neil Hollebon, Jack Lush, Matt Lush, Craig Nethercott, Gavin Parr, Adam Peck and Mark Winwood are riders who may consider that they fall into this category.

Unfortunately there will be no Junior Ashes test Series this summer as the Australian’s have been unable to provide a competitive squad of travelling juniors. However, a 6-rider Aussie junior team has accepted an invitation to compete against British Regional junior teams in 3 Test Matches. More details about this series and selection process for these Regional junior teams will be communicated soon.