MATCH REPORT: Rockets power to victory

The return of former ‘Young England’ international Aiden Owen to the Sheffield line up, probably took away any doubts that the hosts would be troubled by Northumbria, a still competitive yet friendly encounter the result, with the Rockets racing away to a 20 point win.

Jason Burke top scored for the Rockets, with Richard Hudson and Kyle Holland alongside Owen in support, Matt Parrott and Niall Morton also playing their parts well. Gavin Parr meanwhile was never headed for the Vikings, Daniel Wharrier deserving more than his eventual tally after a lively display, while the team riding Jason Keith and Terry Kirkup provided plenty of interest in their heats.

SHEFFIELD 100: Jason Burke 17+1, Kyle Holland 17, Richard Hudson 15+2, Aiden Owen 13+2, Matt Parrott 13+2, Niall Morton 13+1, Luke Morton 7, Ed Morton 5

NORTHUMBRIA 80: Gavin Parr 20, Jason Keith 14, Michael Parr 13, Terry Kirkup 11+1, Dan Wharrier 9+1, Dan Redshaw 6, Keith Oldham 4, Andy Knowles 3

Joe Twigg blasted from the starts each time for a 20 point max for the Rockets, Ed Morton also unbeaten. With Sam Haines and an improving Niamh Morton also looking quick, there was again no chance of the visitors getting close, but they battled gamely in a another very enjoyable match. For the Vikings Keith Oldham dropped only one point from his three outings, while Archie Freeman provided plenty of interest every time he took to the track, the 10 year old already very competitive even at this level.

SHEFFIELD 88: Joe Twigg 20, Ed Morton 17+3, Sam Haines 17, Naimh Morton 14+1, Rob Mawhood 11+2, Daniel Rushton 8+2, Jack Brownell 4, Luke Morton dnr

NORTHUMBRIA 62: Keith Oldham 11, Neil Magee 10, Paul Thompson 9, Dan Redshaw 9, Andy Knowles 8+1, Archie Freeman 7, Jim Graham 5, Lee Redshaw 3

The U-13 match proved to be closest of the day, the Vikings signing off with a great performance once more from Archie Freeman, Lee Redshaw consistent in back up and Lewis Petre ending with his best ride of the afternoon in beating Joe Brownell in heat 8. Sam Haines while always chased hard by Freeman went unbeaten, while Jack Brownell enjoyed some good early scraps with Redshaw to just about see his side home for the narrow win.

SHEFFIELD 37: Sam Haines 16, Jack Brownell 12, Joe Brownell 9

NORTHUMBRIA 35: Archie Freeman 14, Lee Redshaw 12, Lewis Petre 9