WEEKEND PREVIEW: It’s the big one

cycle speedway

The ICSF Worlds are just days away, that can all wait for one Sunday though, as this weekend sees the biggest action of Elite League Cycle Speedway in the 2015 season.

It’s as good as a title decider on Sunday, as unbeaten league leaders Wednesfield take on second placed Sheffield at Ashmore Park. The winner of that match is the most likely to go on to take the title – however, both do have to ride Horspath, Wednesfield at the Village and Sheffield at Cookson Park.

This weekend also potentially sees more than one Australian taking to the shale, as the Australian touring party are here, and rumoured to be eligible to ride.

Wednesfield v Sheffield

The pressure is on for the home side as they know if they can get through this match unscathed they are all but guaranteed the Elite League title. Sheffield on the other hand have nothing to lose and with a larger proportion of their side not in the Worlds, perhaps have less to lose individually also.


The Aces did everything right at Cookson Park earlier in the season and took quite a comfortable win in the end, with the Stars missing Andy Angell.  They will need a similar performance on Sunday and definitely need to cut out costly gate exclusions, which left it a little too close for comfort against Horspath in their last home match. Being at home and on their season long performances, the Aces will be favourites. Whatever happens, we will have a clear picture on where the title is heading come 4pm on Sunday.

Horspath v Ipswich

Ipswich are expected (though not confirmed) to welcome two of the worlds best into their side, in what will be could be a spectacular match up between Ipswich and Horspath. Cody and Joel Chadwick are rumoured to join the Eagles’ ranks, where as Horspath will most certainly have Lukas Nowacki, Bartek Grabowski and Marcin Kolata joining Boaler, Timms, Payne and Osbourne.

Joel Chadwick (l) and Cody Chadwick (r) could feature this weekend.

Joel Chadwick (l) and Cody Chadwick (r) could feature this weekend.

It could be a great meeting and will give us a taste of what is to come in the next couple of weeks, as we see top internationals from Great Britain, Poland and Australia all taking part. You’d still be a fool to bet against on Horspath around the Village though, especially with a full strength team. This could see Elite League racing at it’s finest, hopefully someone will video it!

Newport v Poole

After a very disappointing round 3 tie, which saw a hugely depleted Newport side travel to Harbourside, this match should be much better. Newport always put up a good fight at home and have better rider ability, also top rider Mark Carmichael is now looking much sharper than earlier in the season. Poole are a pretty robust unit, especially with their exceptional captain Greg Gluchowski in their ranks, who has scored freely all year long.

If Newport’s top end do turn out, it will be a difficult one to predict. Anything less than that will more than likely see the points head back down to Dorset as Gavin Wheeler, Arek Szymanski and Steve Harris are not going to give any cheap points away and well be well supported by the rest of their disciplined team mates.

The other final bits of racing before the Worlds sees the Northern Fours and Individuals at Stockport and the already previewed British Youth and Junior League, national round 2 from Hethersett.