MATCH REPORT: Hull come from behind to win Yorkshire derby

Hull opened their 2016 Northern League campaign with an eight point victory over Yorkshire rivals Heckmondwike, in what was a closely fought affair throughout, with only two points seperating the two sides with two heats remaining.

Both sides were down on strength with Hull missing three riders and Heckmondwike also missing a few due to work or other commitments.

Heckmondwike started the stronger of the two sides with a heat one 6-4, which saw Pawel Idziorek defeat Andy Angell and a heat two 7-3 from the strong Darren Kent/Mick Knowles pairing. Hull hit back with a 7-3 in heat three and gradually pulled the deficit back to 30 points each after heat six. However heats seven and eight saw Heckmondwike gain a 6-4 and 7-3 advantage to go into the interval six points up.

Hull came out fighting in the second half of the meeting and never lost any of the remaining heats with three drawn heats a 6-4 and three 7-3 heat advantages. The match did remain close until two heats from the end with only two points in it but Hull finished strongly with a 6-4 and 7-3 heat advantage to clinch an eight point victory.

As ever the match was ridden in a very sporting manner and was a credit to both teams.

Hull 79 – Andy Angell 16+3, Rich Pawson 4+1, Nathan Everitt 15+2, Dave Lister 9+1, Josh Bellis 14, Lewis Aylmer 13+1, Jack Lister 8.

Heckmondwike 71 – Pawel Idziorek 17+1, Jake Wood 12, Darren Kent 13+1, Mick Knowles 14+1, Tom Whitwam 6, Tom Kent 9.