RESULTS: Results from the Easter Weekend

Many experienced a bit of a washout over Easter weekend, but some racing did take place, with round one of the Eurovets getting underway at Astley and Tyldesley on Saturday.


Suffolk Under 7 & Under 9 Grand Prix + Suffolk Junior League at Great Blakenham

Postponed,track waterlogged

Eurovets Round 1 at Astley & Tyldesley

Over 40’s Qualifying results
Mark Winwood (Birmingham) 19, Steve Harris (A&T) 19, Craig Marchant (Leicester) 18, Paul Graham (A&T) 17, Dave Hemsley (Leicester) 17, Rob Geach (Exeter) 15,
Jason Keith (Northumbria) 14, Mark Grantham (A&T) 13, Mick Knowles (A&T) 12, Jim Collier (Newport) 11, Craig Burt (Wednesfield) 10, Mark Brundrett (A&T) 9.

A Final:1 Mark Winwood,2 Craig Marchant,3 Paul Graham,4 Steve Harris

B Final:1 Dave Hemsley,2 Rob Geach,3 Mark Grantham,4 Jason Keith

Over 50’s & Over 60’s Qualifying results

Steve Harris (A&T) 20, Norman Venson (Leicester) 18, Paddy Wenn (Norwich) 18, Paul Timms (Birmingham) 17, Colin Simmons (Newport) 15, Dave Frith (Leicester) 15, Terry Kirkup (Northumbria) 14, Steve Clark (Newport) 13, Kevin Greaves (Newport) 12, Chris Ward (unattached) 12, Ashie Patterson (Northumbria) 10, Fred Rothwell (Bradford Olympic) 10, Chic Mackie (Glasgow) 8.

Over 50’s A Final:1 Steve Harris,2 Paddy Wenn,3 Norman Venson,4 Paul Timms

Over 50’s B Final:1 Colin Simmons,2 Dave Frith,3 Steve Clark,4 Terry Kirkup

Over 60’s A Final:1 Colin Simmons,2 Paul Timms,3 Terry Kirkup,4 Kevin Greaves

Over 60’s B Final:1 Fred Rothwell,2 Chris Ward,3 Ashie Patterson,4 Chic Mackie


Midland League

Birmingham P-P Wednesfield

Midland League Gold Cup

Coventry P-P East Park

South & South Wales Spring Cup

Horspath 92 Poole 91 Newport 75