RESULTS: British Individual Finals Day 2

Here are the top 3 placings from the British Individual Finals that were staged today

Under 18

1st Ben Clarke(Ipswich) 19

2nd Lewis Brinkhoff(Kesgrave) 17 (after run-off)

3rd Pierce Bacon(Ipswich) 17

Over 40’s

1st Mark Whitehead(Leicester)

2nd Craig Merchant(Leicester)

3rd Mark Winwood(Birmingham)

Over 50’s

1st Steve Harris(Astley) 14 (after run-off)

2nd Paddy Wenn(Norwich) 14

3rd Norman Benson(Leicester) 11

Over 60’s

1st Colin Simmons(Newport)

2nd Phil Hemming(Wednesfield)

3rd Paul Timms(Birmingham)

Full scores to follow for the above as well as the Under 16 Girls and the Open Qualifiers.