RESULTS: HSBC Elite GP Round 1 at Exeter

Here are the results from Round 1 of the HSBC Elite GP which was staged at Exeter on April 13th:


Fraser Garnett (Poole) 16, Owen Wells (Wednesfield) 14, Ben Stanbury (Exeter) 13, JJ Wildman (Exeter) 12, Rosie Tidball (Exeter) 12, Miah Laing (Exeter) 11


Lukas Nowacki (Horspath) 19, Chris Timms (Birmingham) 19, Ben Mould (Poole) 17, Fraser Garnett (Poole) 16, Tom Bewick (Wednesfield) 15, Connor Tucker (Exeter) 15, Michael Baldock (Coventry) 13, Wil Bristowe (Poole) 13, Ben Robinson (Exeter) 12, Owen Wells (Wednesfield) 12, Nathan Everett (Hull) 10, Lauren Hookway (Exeter) 9, Dan Winchester (Exeter) 9,