WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Gamage announces squads

Geoff Gamage, GB & England Over 40’s & Women’s Team Manager, has announced his squads for the World Championships in Poland

The England Over 40’s World Cup squad is Craig Marchant (Leicester) (who will captain the side), Jason Ashford (Gt Blakenham), Steve Harris (Astley & Tyldesley), Dave Hemsley (Hull) and Norman Venson (Leicester)

The GB Over 40’s squad to face Poland at Sweitocholowice is Craig Marchant (Leicester)(Captain), Jason Ashford (Gt Blakenham), Gary Colby (Norwich), Steve Harris (Astely & Tyldesley), Dave Murphy (Exeter), Norman Venson (Leicester), Paddy Wenn (Norwich) & Mark Winwood (Birmingham)

The GB Over 40’s federation cup squad will be as for the test match with Poland minus Jason Ashford & Gary Colby but including Dave Hemsley (Hull)

For the Women Laura Watson (Sheffeild) & Macie Schmidt (Poole) will represent England in the Best Pairs. From August 1st those 2 riders will be joined by Emily Burgess (Astley & Tyldesley), Lauren Hookway (Exeter), Elizabeth Rigley-Porter (Leicester) & Maddie Saunders (Poole). Emily & Maddie will be in the Under 16 Girls World Championships as will Elizabeth’s sister Amanda.