RESULTS: Under 16 Boys Pre-Qualifier and Over 40’s Semi-Finals

The line-ups for 2 further World Finals were decided yesterday at Findon as the Under 16 Boys Pre-Qualifying round and the Over 40’s semi-finals were staged

The Under 16 Boys Pre-Qualifier was held first and this saw Leon Penketh, Kenzie Bennett, Oskar Dusinski, Pawek Szkludarek, Harvey Yard, Oliver Saunders, Cody Thomson, Arras Graczyk, Shaun Kell, JJ Wildman, Josh Candy, Aiden McCormick, Sonny Whale, George Whale, Connor McCormick and Rowan Powell book their places in the final with Dimitri Kondilis and Connor Scriven the 2 reserves

Over 40’s Semi-Final 1

Lukas Nowacki 20, Daniel Kubiak 19, Brad Hoppo 17, Adam Haldenby 17, Jason Ashford 16, Andy Yard 15, Paul White 14, Dom Tiani 13 (all qualify for the final), Sam Rochester 13 (qualifies as 1st reserve)

Non-Qualifiers: Paddy Wenn 11, Rob Fleming 9, Brad Delmonico 8, Ian Lawrence 8, Adam Labedzki 8, Darrel Candy 6, Danny Ricketts 5

Over 40’s Semi-Final 2

PaweĊ‚ Kozlowski 18, Daniel Pudney 18, Jacek Wleklik 17, Matt Gentle 17, Craig Marchand 17, Gavin Wheeler 16, Lukasz Rajewski 15, Tomasz Wlodarczyk 14 (all qualify for the final), Andre Cross 12 (qualifies as 2nd reserve)

Non-Qualifiers: Arek Dudek 10, Steve Harris 9, Andrew Blatchford 9, Michal Szmaj 9, Beau Hastings 6, Steve Copping 6, Rob Matthews 6

The action moves to Le Fevre later today as the line-ups for 2 further World Finals will be decided for the Under 21 Mens and also the Seniors. The Under 21 Mens will face a Pre-Qualifier which gets underway at 7.20am UK time (6pm Local time) whilst the Seniors will face 2 Semi-Finals at 8.30am and 10am UK time respectively (7pm and 8.30pm local time)