NEWS: Resurrection of the Grundisburgh Bombers track takes place

The Grundisburgh Bombers track has been resurrected over the past three days after laying dormant underneath the turf of the village playing field since 1980. Most of the kerbing is still in place, together with the starting grid, although the fence, starting gates and hut have all disappeared.

The reason for this work being undertaken is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Bombers getting to the National Junior team final at Leicester in only their second year of racing, quite an achievement for a small village team who were led by the former Suffolk Champion(1957/58) Dave Hunting. In the final it was a match of two halves against Woodside Diamonds, with the nerves of the Bombers riders playing a vital roll in the first half, finding themselves ten points down at half time. In the second half the Bombers threw everything possible at the Diamonds, winning the second half by eight points, but losing the final itself by two points, 40-38.