NEWS: Winwood and Harper appeal for Welsh blood

Newly appointed Joint Welsh team managers Mark Winwood and Daniel Harper expressed a desire to make riding for Wales more by trying to increase the pool of riders available for selection.

An appeal was made and this has been rewarded by learning that two of the best up and coming juniors are eligible to compete for Wales – Mason Phillips and Kyle Roberts from the Coventry Stars. Once nationality was confirmed Mark and Daniel were delighted to break the news to the excited riders having had approval from British Cycling.

Mark and Daniel said, “Everyone knows Wales already have established world class senior riders and we just need to make sure we keep getting junior riders that are going to be knocking on the door of the senior riders. This announcement along with what we already have will make sure this continues and our nation continues to get stronger for many years to come. We hope that Kyle and Mason will make their debuts for Wales in the coming months and our passionate fans can then see what a brighter future Welsh cycle speedway will have with these riders in our ranks. We hope there are other riders out there who are eligible to ride for Wales, if you are one then please come forward.”