MATCH REPORT: Stockport continue unbeaten run in Northern League One

Bury 80 – 97 Stockport, Northern League 1, Sunday 13th April 2014

Top of the Table Stockport were Bury’s visitors at the weekend, arriving with their full strength team, a compliment to Bury’s improvement over the past weeks. A fine day, but despite the bitter cold, it didn’t stop some fast and hard racing.

Parish and Ramsden took 6 points over Eaton in race 1, some excellent team riding saw Scranage and Elston draw race 2 as Higham lost out on the last bend. Then a little hiccup, actually, 4 little hiccups, as Stockport gained a 14 point lead by race 6.

Matt and Jack Lush raced away after a rerun race 3—Good pass to Pickford after Taylor lead for 3 laps in the 4th, Radcliffe flying round for the win in the 5th, and the strong Higham/Norman pairing taking the 6th.

Parish/Ramsden quickly clawed 5 back with a good 7 to 2 over Jack, as Matt Lush moved in the 7th. Good team work once again from Taylor and Owen and Scranage/Elston, saw Bury at the interval with 40 to the visitors 49 – very much anyone’s match.

These matches are always close affairs and three drawn races after the interval showed that. Stockport were winning races with Eaton/Higham, Norman and the Lush brothers all showing their liking for the Goshen Track, but Bury were fiercely contesting every point. Exemplified in race 12, as a mix up saw Parish at the back, a terrific pass on the unbeaten Norman to level the race. Race 13, and with skipper Howarth struggling with a sore foot, Stockport took advantage to edge further in front. Scranage and Renc gained 6 points in the 15th, but the deficit looked a little high now. Race 16 sealed the points for Stockport, Reed and Norman scoring 7, Bury levelling the last 2 races to lose by 17, 80 to 97.

The visitors deservedly retaining their unbeaten record and they are always difficult to beat at their home track. Well lead by returnee Chris Eaton, and Ben Higham, only Matt Lush had a bad day, courtesy of a tape exc and broken crank.

The Goshen Team are improving every week, and results are not always showing the commitment and improvements of the team. Chris Parish with a couple of super passes and Ben Scranage lead the way. Nice to see Ramsden showing the form he is capable of, whilst Will Owen just had “one of those days”. As ever Renc/Taylor/Elston were always in the thick of things.

Bury 80
Chris Parish 13 +3–Kristian Ramsden 13—Ben Scranage 16+1—James Elston 11+2—Neil Howarth 8+1—Will Owen 6+1—Dawid Renc 6—Danny Taylor 7

Stockport 97
Jake Read 12+1, Chris Eaton 16+2, Ben Higham 17, Terry Norman 15+2, Matt lush 5,(4) Jack Lush 17, Dylan Radcliffe 8 (4) , Joe Pickford 7
Ref John Burston

The Division 2 match and Bury were out for victory, and revenge. Having to use some First Division riders gave Bury a 39 point Cushion, then Stockport promptly took the lead in race 1 to reduce it , Harrison and Higham taking 7 points. Again some dogged determination saw Bury level out the races, with Turnbull, Halloran, and Mann providing great support. Indeed it was race 7 before Danny Taylor raced to the front for Bury’s first winner, defeating the up to then unbeaten Chris Eaton. Stockport’s Ben Higham took race 8, whilst Pickford continued his winning ways for the visitors in race 9. A fine race and a bit of tussling saw Renc emerge winner of race 10, Elston stopped Pickford’s gallop in the 11th, but 3 comfortable races saw Bury home 108-80, although Stockport took the on-track honors 80-69

Whilst Stockport provided 12 of the winners, usual suspects Higham Pickford and Eaton, well supported by Harrison, it was really good to see that very few of them gave any edge to the visitors, Dawid Renc continues his good form, supported by Elston and Taylor. Turnbull, Halloran and Mann are providing great support to these 3, whilst the keenness of reserves Etheridge and Turner can only be good for the sport. A great pass by Turner in race 15, only to lose on the run to the line.

Dawid Renc 14+1, James Elston 13 (4) Danny Taylor 11(4) Steve Mann 10 +2 , Joe Halloran 10+3 and Adam Turnbull 8+1, Sean Etheridge 1 and Louis Turner 1.
Ben Higham 17+1, Rich Harrison 14, Chris Eaton 17+1, Cairan Simpson 7 , Joe Pickford 18+1, James Barry 7
Ref John Burston

Division 3

6 riders from Bury and 2 from Stockport contested this individual formula, Adam Turnbull, another faultless 16 point maximum, Louis Turner on 12 just losing to Adam and James Barry, Stockport’s top rider. In very bitter conditions the younger riders served up plenty of excitement. Bury edging away to a 51 -28 victory.

Report sent in by Bury CSC