PREVIEWS: Time for the Midlands youngsters to shine

This weekend sees the second round of the Midlands BYJL series at Birmingham’s Perry Park Playing Fields.

The racing begins at 12noon and is expected to be a great afternoons action with racing for different youth age categories as the finest young midland riders do battle. Birmingham this year will see a number of home riders in action what with a number of new talent joining the Monarchs.

Connor Steele and Mark Phipps both turned heads at Leicester as the pair impressed with Connor taking the top spot in his age category. The pair have only been racing a little under a year but have progressed and learnt so much in such a short space of time.

Also taking to the track will be the Winwood trio as Reece, Ryan and Billy will be doing battle in the various age groups as well as Emily Pitt who has impressed as she begins her first full season with the Monarchs.

Also this weekend the opening round of the Eurovets takes place at Horspath. The small tight Oxfordshire track will see three Monarch riders begin the long journey to become champion. Steve Hodgkinson has comeback from a wrist injury and has been practicing at Bretford to get a feel for the tight confines of the Hammers track.

Paul Timms will be taking part but question marks will be raised as Timms is also coming back from a bad injury as he damaged his collarbone during the indoor season and then caused more further damage in the challenge at Coventry. Mark Winwood will be making his debut in the Eurovets and he will be one to look out for if Mark is on the same form as last weekend.

Report by Richard Stevenson