RIDER LEVIES: £1.50 levy is not an insurance related issue

Rumours circulating that the rider levy is an insurance issue have been quashed by a widely circulated email from Cycle Speedway Chairman Graham Elliott, who has clarified that the fee is in fact a tax on the organising club.

The tax is rated by the number of participating riders, the more riders present the greater the fee required by British Cycling. The email makes it clear that whilst the £1.50 may be collected from the riders, it is ultimately the clubs responsibility to pay the fees to BC. If riders fail to pay the levy the club must make up the shortfall.

It is made clear that failure to comply with the fees imposed by BC will result in a disciplinary case against the organising club.

The participation tax means that a national round of the BYJL is likely to cost the organising club £150 plus. The same event run under the TLI banner would not require any fees from club or rider.

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