NEWS: Midlands round of BYJL moved to Coventry

By agreement with all parties, the recently cancelled BJYL Midlands regional Round 2 at Birmingham will now be staged at Coventry on Saturday May 10th.

All clubs and riders are advised of the earlier 10am start time. Riders must register by 9.30am.

This event shall be followed by the Coventry hosted TLI Eurovets GP R2. This shall now start at 2pm.

The foregoing has been agreed by all parties, including Birmingham Monarchs CSC, BJYL Midlands Manager Ross Mee, Eurovets GP promoter Fred Rothwell and Coventry CSC.

Coventry CSC are pleased to announce that they are hiring in mobile toilets and track water supply for the events.

Additionally, luxurious changing facilities for all competitors shall be available at the Velocity Health Club, contained within the 4 star rated Village Hotel, which is 500 yards from the Coventry track.