EURO CLUB: Coventry proud of young team

Club Secretary Rob Barnett has emailed to pass on the pride felt by all members of the Godiva City club, after the performance of their young team in the Euro Club Championships this weekend.

Rob said, “Coventry Cycle Speedway are so proud of our team who entered the Euro Club Competition this weekend. Mason Phillips, Kyle Roberts and Josh Marsh are all 15 or under, along with Danny Drewett who is 17, mixed it up with the big boys and did themselves proud, winning one of their qualifying rounds.”

Hopefully the valuable experience of the well organised weekend will go a long way in the future development of these riders, who never gave up and are a credit to the City of Coventry.

The West Midlands side were without heat leaders Myke Grimes, Konrad Pietek and Dave Frith. The youthful side stepped up, gave their all, while never giving up. Their hard work over the last few years is beginning to pay off.

Cov euros

Well done Josh, Kyle, Danny and Mason.