MATCH REPORT: Dragons take first victory

Wednesfield Dragons 89 – 86 Wednesfield Aces, Midland League 1, Sunday 11th May 2014

On a chilly May afternoon the Wednesfield Dragons took the home side of the pits for the first meeting of the Aces and Dragons.

Both sides fielded depleted teams with major players missing. The most significant of all was the absence on Lee Aris sidelined after a heavy fall last week road racing.

The racing got delayed after some track attention was needed following the heavy overnight rain.

The first 3 three heats were split 5 all. Heat 4 saw the Dragons get the edge with the Aces not fielding a number 2 rider. Alex Aris was helpless against the pairing of Rowley and Dyke 7-2.

The favour got repaid in heat 5 the Dragons had no rider 2 and Mick Aris was this time on the gates alone with granddaughter Courtney one side and Paul Heard the other 3-6 to the Aces – Progressive scores 25-23.

Heat 8 went to the Aces squaring up the scores when Dragons debutant and cycle speedway newcomer 11 year old  Tyler Bould found the competition just a little too strong but never gave up and chased hard every lap 4-6.

Up next and preparing for steak and ale pie in the interval was the lawnmower man himself Connor Dyke, partnered with the comeback kid Jordan Holdcroft.  Out the tapes and into the first bend with a boost of speed Dyke splits the Aces paring of Hemming and A Aris rounding Holdcroft for a 7-3 and a 4 point lead before lunch.

Back from the break heat 10 and 11 are split again and the Dragons maintain the slender lead, but the tipping point comes in heat 12 when Hemming is excluded for a tapes infringement. The riders line up for the restart and Dragons aim to capitalise. The referee calls riders under starters orders, the tapes go up as the refs whistle blows. Dyke out for moving. “I can only blame the pie!” Connor exclaimed following his marching orders. Rowley left out on 4 and Coxy on 1 for the Aces the result go Aces way.

Heat 14 the experience of Meanley is too much foe Dyke 4-6 to the Aces closing the gap to one point. Heat 15 Griffiths fends of Jewkes for 4 laps taking a 6-4. Heat 16 and lady luck shines down. Coxy leading challenged by Holdcroft hits the slippery wet curb and eats shale allowing the Dragons pair through for a 7-3. Heat 17 the Aces show their dominance and experience with a fantastic display of team riding with Jewkes and Hemming taking 7 points over Rowley and Bould.

The final heat and a 3 point lead to the Dragons. The Aces need to throw everything at this heat to draw the match Heard gates, but looks for Meanley then get passed by Everiss. It seams there’s a new leader on every lap with this frantic racing. When the dust settles, Heard takes the heat win followed by Everiss, Griffiths and Meanley.

This is the first victory since the Dragons reformed last year. We would like to extend our thanks to the Wednesfield Aces committee and team for their support. The team managers and riders for their commitment and finally to First4Staff our team sponsors.

Wednesfield Dragons 89
M Griffiths 17+1. J Holdcroft 16+1. H Rowley 15. C Dyke 13+1. H Everiss 12+2. M Aris 11+3. T Bould 5

Wednesfield Aces 86
P Heard 20. C Jewkes 17. R Cox 16. P Hemming 9+1. D Meanley 9+1. C Aris 9. A Aris 6