FEATURE: What is TLI Cycling?

Much interest has been generated recently with the decision of the Eurovets GP of Cycle Speedway (pictured above) deciding to move the very popular veteran’s event to the governance and insurance of TLI Cycling.

But who are TLI Cycling? It’s a question we’ve been asked quite a bit so here`s a quick guide to the TLI Cycling organisation by an independent correspondent, who spoke to a TLI spokesperson.

1 What does TLI Cycling stand for?

The League International.

TLI Cycling was originally known under its original name of The League International, but around 2006 we changed the name to TLI Cycling, primarily because we felt that the original name did not really signify to people who we were or what we were about. Then in 2010 TLI Cycling was amalgamated into TLI Cycling Ltd, a Company Limited By Guarantee, which provides security for all our members from possible unlimited litigation, and which in this compensation-culture world, safeguards us all against possible problems caused by other road users (not applicable to Cycle Speedway).

2 Why is it called that?

From the end of the 19th century, cycle sport in Britain was governed by the National Cyclists Union (NCU) which banned racing on the open roads. However at the end of the second world war a ‘rebel’ organisation sprung up called the British League of Racing Cyclists (BLRC) to promote massed start road racing in the continental fashion. This was a great success and eventually the NCU had to capitulate and merged with the BLRC to form the British Cycling Federation (BCF). However, the new BCF management consisted primarily of former NCU officials, and so it wasn’t long before a group of individuals who considered that bureaucratic administration was stifling the sport broke away from the BCF to form The League International, which is the basis of today’s TLI Cycling.

3 What are TLI Cycling?

TLI Cycling are a cycling sports governing body and cycling racing event organisation.TLI Cycling Ltd is a non-profit making company run by cyclists for cyclists. All are unpaid volunteers – no highly paid staff, no company cars and no lavish new offices.

4 Do they have insurance cover?

Yes! At £10 million, its insurance cover for Public Liability is the same as another cycling organisation.

5 How much does it cost to become a member of TLI Cycling?

The annual fee is £10 for adults.

6 How much is junior membership of TLI Cycling?

It’sfree for U18s!

7 Do you have to pay any match fees or levies to TLI Cycling to race?

No. Providing riders hold a valid licence, participation is free for any TLI Cycling event.

8 And do clubs or organisers in TLI Cycling have to pay any fees or levies to stage an event?

No. All income from events is retained by the organising club and so is retained within the sport of Cycle Speedway.

9 Can any Cycle Speedway club, regional league or event (like the BYJL) decide to choose TLI Cycling, or other cycling organisation, for its governance or insurance?

Yes, competition mangers or organising committees are free to seek best value for their requirements.

10 Do TLI Cycling have a website?


Many thanks to our independent correspondent, who has answered the questions that several people were asking.