MATCH REPORT: Aces back on top

Following the Dragons first victory in Midland League 1 last weekend, today was the reverse leg with the Aces taking the home side of the pits.
In glorious sunshine the Aces fielded a stronger 8 man team showing the Dragons they meant business.

The track is looking good and fast following the club’s hard work.
The Aces won the toss and opted of grids 2 & 4 for heat 1. The home pairing of Heard and Meanley took the early advantage Heard taking the heat win and 6 points to the Aces in the restart. The first attempt saw Meanly come off worse and belly sliding on the shale surface.

The following 3 heats were shared as the Dragons fought back and heat 5 the scores were even with Mick Aris taking the heat win ahead of Meanley. The young Dragons rider Dylan Brookes taking 3rd place. Progressive scores 25-25.

Heat 6 and a spill for the Aces Roger Cox saw his gammy leg taking a beating and sent back to the pits for causing the stoppage – advantage Dragons. In the restart Jewkes wins ahead of Griffiths and the newly selected Welsh junior rider Carl Parfitt 4-5 scores the heat and a 1 point lead for the Dragons.

Heat 7 is split, but the following heat 8 saw it all change. Doherty takes the heat win followed by Aris and 7 points, but this looked in doubt when Haydn Rowley for the Dragons gated Aris and held him for 3 laps.
At the interval the scores 46-43. Looking all very close and a stiff drink needed!

Heat 10 the Dragons come back. The Paring of Mick Aris and Mark Griffiths put on a great display of team riding with Coxy battling hard to pass. The flag man seemed to be mesmerised by the racing and lost count – the heat finish 3-7 after 3 laps, but the score stood.
There is nothing in this meeting, the Dragons lead again by 1 point.
Heat 11 and the Aces have one of their strongest pairings with Aris and Doherty taking a 7-3 over Dyke and Everiss.
It starts to fall apart for the Dragons. Heat 12 goes Aces way 6-4, heat 13 7-3, then 3 shared heats and heat 17 7-3 to Paul Heard and Scott Doherty.
Going into heat 18 the Aces lead by 13 points and field two reserve. The Dragons capitalise with Dyke taking the win ahead of team mate Brookes.

Final scores
Wednesfield Aces 94

P Heard 20 (5). S Doherty 18+1 (5). C Jewkes 17+2 (5). L Aris 112+1 (4). D Meanley 11 (5). R Cox 7 (4). C Aris 5 (5). A Aris 4 (3).

Wednesfield Dragons 85
M Griffiths 18+1 (5). C Dyke 15 (5). M Aris 11+ (4). H Rowley 11 (5). H Everiss 10+3 (5). C Parfitt 9+1 (4). S Mullinder 7+2 (4). D Brookes 7+1 (4).