NEWS: Coventry CSC hit promotional jackpot

The Coventry Devlins Newsagents Cycle Speedway club have hit the promotional jackpot – by landing headlining billing at this year`s Coventry Cycle Festival.

The resurgent club, hosts of last year’s glittering British Final at Hearsall Common, will take centre stage in this year’s Coventry Cycle Festival, to be staged in front of thousands of shoppers on Saturday 14th June from 10am-4pm.

The club are to create a temporary track in Broadgate, the main shopping complex in Coventry City Centre. Shoppers and passers-by will be encouraged to have a go at Cycle Speedway for the first time.

Club bikes and equipment will be on hand. Continuous rolling coverage of last year’s memorable British Final will be shown on adjacent TV monitors. To add to the promotional effort, the clubs `pop-up` promo stand will also be on display.

A special promotional flyer is being produced – to encourage newcomers to go-along on a following Wednesday to take up the sport at Coventry`s highly successful `Club Night` at the cities international standard Cycle Speedway track at Hearsall Common.

It’s expected that many of the clubs junior riders will assist the promotional day, attired in their attractive club shirts, which will help create awareness amongst the packed Saturday shoppers.

Leading rider, and British Final debutant at the 2012 British Final, Myke Grimes, is leading this tremendous promotional opportunity. Grimes is the man responsible for the Coventry clubs eye-catching corporate image, which includes club branding being incorporated on match programmes, race shirts, flyers and PR events.

Scores of Coventry Cycle Speedway clubs many volunteering parents and helpers are also expected to assist on the day as the Hearsall Common based club reach new heights in its efforts to promote the sport.

The club already have 28 fully committed signed on riders – a record since the club was formed in 1978. It’s hoped that any new juniors that are attracted will go towards fielding additional teams in the reformed Coventry Junior League.

Myke Grimes said; “This opportunity comes about via our sponsorship and close links with Cycle Coventry. We are delighted to assist them in their aims of getting more people cycling in Coventry”.

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