MATCH REPORT: South East BYJL and SEGP Round 4

Somersham hosted the 4th round of the Eastern Region British Youth & Junior League and the South-East Grand Prix. It was an event which nearly didn’t get started as a heavy downpour 1 hour before the scheduled start time threatened to cause the event to be postponed, as it was in 2008.

Fortunately the rain stopped and action did get underway, albeit 30 minutes late with the Under 8’s and Under 10’s. In the Under 8’s it was Ipswich newcomer Keaton Ripper who claimed the win in the A Final having being undefeated in the qualifying heats, a feat which was matched in the Under 10 section by the recently crowned Suffolk Under 10 Champion Oliver Wright (Kesgrave) and also by the current Double British Under 10 Champion Lewis Brinkhoff (Kesgrave) in the Under 12’s and by Pierce Bacon (Ipswich) in the Under 14’s.

Ben Harvey (Ipswich) was the only Under 16 rider to turn up so he was automatically credited with 16 heat points and 25 GP points. He did race with the Seniors & Veterans (who raced together for the qualifying heats before their separate finals). The Seniors saw Ashley Hill (Ipswich) match the Under 8,10,12 and 14 winners by going undefeated in the heats before winning the A Final.

The Veterans saw 2 former Somersham riders feature and both of them won their respective finals, Gary Brown (Kesgrave) winning the A Final and Steve Copping (Norwich) taking the B Final and dedicating the win to his former Somersham team-mate Peter Mittell (who was killed in a motorcycle crash in April 2012) and also to his mother (who died 3 years ago the previous day).

The Girls saw Lily Gedge (Kesgrave) overcome a gate exclusion in one of her qualifying heats to take the Final ahead of Lisa-Marie Bown and Chloe Pearce (both Ipswich).

BYJL Team Result


Grand Prix Finals

A – 1 Keaton Ripper (Ipswich) 2 Charlie Beeton (Kesgrave) 3 Leo Vincent (Kesgrave) 4 Ben Bailey (Kesgrave)
B – 1 Tommy Rope (Kesgrave) 2 Noah Woodhouse (Kesgrave) 3 Kai Gowers (Ipswich) 4 Magnus Vincent (Kesgrave)
C – 1 Owen McTiernan (Gt.Blakenham) 2 Liam Farrell (Ipswich) 3 Mitchell Simons (Gt.Blakenham)


A – 1 Oliver Wright (Kesgarve) 2 Oliver Reynolds (Kesgrave) 3 Jake Caey (Kesgrave) 4 Hansen Ingram (Kesgrave)
B – 1 Tom Skinner (Kesgrave) 2 Callum Brown (Kesgrave) 3 Kristian Mitchell (Ipswich) 4 Daisy Steward (Kesgrave)
C – 1 Archie Foote (Kesgrave) 2 Izzy Farrell (Ipswich) 3 Aimee Porter (Kesgrave) 4 Dominic Douse (Kesgarve)


A – 1 Lewis Brinkhoff (Kesgrave) 2 Alfie Steward (Kesgrave) 3 Jake Vincent (Kesgrave) 4 Gemma Hill (Ipswich)
B – 1 Kai Manger (Kesgrave) 2 Charlie Johnson (Ipswich) 3 Zac Cazey (Kesgravce) 4 James Porter (Kesgrave)
C – 1 Oscar Webb (Ipswich) 2 Ben Debman (Ipswich) 3 Regan Repman (Kesgrave) 4 Corey Davey (Gt.Blakenham)


A – 1 Pierce Bacon (Ipswich) 2 Harrison Bacon (Ipswich) 3 Alex Harvey (Ipswich) 4 Tyler Brinkhoff (Kesgrave)
B – 1 Jay Berry (Kesgrave) 2 Evan Vincent (Kesgrave) 3 Troy Brumpton (Ipswich) 4 Cormac repman (Kesgrave)
C – 1 Luke Dunningham (Ipswich) 2 Vlad Simons (Gt.Blakenham) 3 Charlie Long (Kesgrave) 4 Etahn Mitchell (Ipswich)


A – 1 Ben Harvey (Ipswich)

Girls U12 -U17

A – 1 Lily Gedge (Kesgrave) 2 Lisa-Marie Bown (Ipswich) 3 Chloe Pearce (Ipswich)

SEGP only

A – 1 Ashley Hill (Ipswich) 2 Dan Knights (Ipswich) 3 Matthew Hill (Ipswich) 4 Richard Fellgett (Ipswich)
B – 1 Fraser Harris (Ipswich) 2 Luke Gifkins (Kesgrave)


A – 1 Gary Brown (Kesgrave) 2 Roger Carter (Hethersett) 3 Stuart Gedge (Kesgrave) 4 Terry Ashford (Gt.Blakenham)
B – 1 Steve Copping (Norwich) 2 Ian Johnson (Ipswich) 3 John Oakley (Kesgrave) 4 Mark Debman (Ipswich)

65 riders

Referees – Steve Copping, Terry Ashford, Tony Stant.