MATCH REPORT: Falcons open up gap over Vikings

Edinburgh Falcons 95 – 83 Northumbria Vikings, Northern League One, Sunday 8th June 2014

With couple of riders missing from the Northumbria line up, this turned out to be not quite as close as the dramatic season opener, the home side pulling away to establish a 12 point lead by the half way point, though the Vikings steadied the ship after ‘claiming ins’ and dropping no further behind.

The visitors three heat leaders all scored well, with Gavin Parr dropping only a single point, brother Michael gating well for 17, while Jason Keith took 15+1, back up coming from the two Dans who both had their moments.

Mikey Hewitson lost out on a max for the Falcons after being excluded when clashing with Keith in heat 12, Craig Newsome also lucky to escape a nasty injury after falling heavily on the concrete pit area when racing hard in his final race, the rest of the home side also all very competitive and contributing well to their teams win with Kamil Greszla looking fast and Neil ‘Archie’ McPherson consistent.

EDINBURGH 95: Kamil Greszla 16, Neil McPherson 16, Mikey Hewitson 15+1, Lee Lawrence 14+1, Dougie Morgan 10+1, Mark Lee 8+4, Craig Newsome 8+3, Neil Swanson 8
NORTHUMBRIA 83: Gavin Parr 19, Michael Parr 17, Jason Keith 15+1, Daniel Wharrier 9+2, Dan Redshaw 9, Terry Kirkup 7, Jim Graham 4, Andy Knowles 3

Division Two
EDINBURGH FALCONS 103 (83 + 20 penalty points)

With a strong team line up, Edinburgh always looked garunteed the win even before the Vikings were forced to drop a first team heat leader into the line up to cover an ill rider. While they at least got 19 points from their ‘guest’ No.1, only the fast starting Dan Redshaw went well for the visitors, with Dan Wharrier this time having a nightmare with a few unlucky decisions in terms of track position and plenty of frustration the result. All Edinburgh’s starting six scored at least double figures, with Euan Kennedy no doubt pleased with his fine couple of wins, father Gavin and younger brother Louis also getting in on the act with some good rides. First teamers Mark Lee, Neil Swanson and Dougie Morgan were always amongst it, while Callum Slight used his experience to stay in front when challenged.

EDINBURGH: Gavin Kennedy 15, Callum Slight 13+2, Neil Swanson 13+2, Euan Kennedy 13, Mark Lee 11+3, Dougie Morgan 11+1, Euan Tulloch 5+1, Louis Kennedy 2+1
NORTHUMBRIA: Gavin Parr 19+1, Dan Redshaw 17, Daniel Wharrier 10+1, Andy Knowles 7+1, Neil Magee 7, Jim Graham 7

Edinburgh won the NL3 match 50-0 as the Vikings had no U13s to race.

Edinburgh Young Falcons
Calum Cairney 16, Louis Kennedy 12, Sean Hewitson 11, Skye Mitchell 7, Aaron Smith 4.