NEWS: British Under 13s Draw

The draw has been made for the British Under 13 Championship in Edinburgh Cycle Speedway on Saturday 12th July 2014, starting at 1pm.

Under 13 Individual Boys

Edinburgh 12th July
Pre Qualifying down to 16  1300 Hours
1 Harrison Bacon Ipswich CSC
2 Jay Berry Kesgrave Panthers CSC
3 Troy Brumpton Ipswich CSC
4 Samuel Haines Sheffield Stars CSC
5 Nathan Goulden Poole CSC
6 Louis Kennedy Edinburgh Falcons CSC
7 Adam Turnbull Bury CSC
8 Evan Vincent Kesgrave Panthers CSC
9 Kieran Swanson Edinburgh Falcons CSC
10 James Bunting Sheffield Stars CSC
11 Calum Cairney Edinburgh Falcons CSC
12 Sean Hewitson Edinburgh Falcons CSC
13 Fraser Garnett Poole CSC
14 Jake Vincent Kesgrave Panthers CSC
15 Maximillian Evans Astley & Tyldesley CSC
16 Thomas Whitwam Bury CSC
17 Callum Smith Poole CSC

Under 13 Individual Girls

Edinburgh 12th July
Final 1400 Hours
1 Niamh Morton Sheffield Stars CSC
2 Charlotte Adams Sheffield Stars CSC
3 Chloe Whitehead Leicester CSC
4 Spare 2
5 Macie Schmidt Poole CSC
6 Alice Neighbour Swindon CSC
7 Chloe Pearce Ipswich CSC
8 Chloe Albin Poole CSC
9 Spare 1

Under 13 Individual Boys

Edinburgh 12th July
Final 1500 Hours