MATCH REPORT: Fireworks at Ashmore Park as Aces win

Wednesfield Aces hosted Coventry on Sunday 22nd June in the Midland League one clash, before the proceeding got underway a minutes silence was observed for the late Mark Taylor. Mr Taylor a former rider and close friend of Coventry Cycle Speedway. He was one of the original founders of the club in the 1970s and helped construct the present day Hearshall Common track sadly passed away recently.

Heat 1 looked to set the precedence with a 5 all split. Myke Grimes taking the win ahead of veteran Dave Meanley supported by Ricki Johnson. Mason Phillips picking up the single point, but looked strong following his recent injury picked up at the BYJL. Heat 2, and the home side showed their intention with a 6-4. Haydn Rowley taking the win on the line from Konrad Pietak.

Super fast 13 year old Haydn Rowley lines up Coventry's Konrad Pietak

Super fast 13 year old Haydn Rowley lines up Coventry’s Konrad Pietak

Heat 3, and disaster for the visitors – referee (Roger Dainty) excludes Dave Frith for a tapes infringement leaving Kelvin Williams to face Carl Parfitt and Chris Jewkes from gate 4. 7-2 the win going to Parfitt. The following heat the visitors come back with a fantastic display from Phillips taking the win from Meanley for a 4-6. We have a 5 all in heat 5 Johnson taking the win. Heat 6 the visitors pull back again and now within 3 points of the Aces with a 4-6 Pietak winning from Jewkes. Heat 7, and a Frith master class gets Williams round and leaving Meanley out in the cold!


Wednesfield’s Dave Meanley tussles with Coventry’s Kelvin Williams on the first bend

Heat 8, and the visitors do it again, now a point separates the sides. Grimes wins, chased hard by Rowley followed by Mason Phillips with spokes missing following a first bend collision with Hemming, whose tyre is catching the frame. Heat 9 was shared – Pietak taking another win from Jewkes. Thankfully, after heat 9 there’s an interval where everyone was able to find a dark corner and have a lie down. Halftime scores 45-44.

The second half started with heat 10, for the visitors its Dan Drewett and Joe McLaughlin, the home side Parfitt and Johnson. Parfitt wins from Johnson and a 7-3 to the home side, with what you would think settle the nerves. Heat 11, and a confident pairing for the home side step up in the shape of Rowley and Hemming, Frith and Williams for the visitors. Rides under order and there’s movement from the grid 2 – Rowley out, the heat finishes in a 2-7 and the score are all square at 54 points.

Heat 12 and the visitors take the lead with a 4-6 Pietak taking his 3rd win of the afternoon and Drewett sticking a pass on Cox 58-60.  Heat 13 started with some controversy with a tapes exclusion. A ‘freak gust of wind’ shook the takes and Grimes went for it, unfortunately, the ref sends him packing with his first ever gate exclusion. Mason Phillips left alone with Parfitt and Jewkes, there was only going to be one outcome, 7-2 and the lead goes back to the home side, 65-62. Heat 14 was shared with Frith taking a well deserved heat win ahead of Rowley, but what happened next was quite remarkable…

Heat 15, the referee blows his whistle and signalling the 60 seconds that riders have to arrive at the tapes ready to race, Williams arrives half a stride ahead of McLaughlin. The referee blows his whistle again and instructs McLaughlin to return to the pits for taking over the allotted time. Williams has it all to do, this time from grid 2 against Alex Aris and Ricki Johnson. Johnson tussles with Williams on the first bend allowing Aris through to the lead, Johnson continues for 3 and a half laps matching the speed of Williams, and coming into contact several times all to the dismay of Williams. The final bend approaches and the red mist sets in – Williams makes a dive, mounts the curb, over the grass and narrowly misses the front of Johnsons bike before kicking out at the British Under-19 champion before hitting the deck. The referee blows his whistle again signalling an exclusion for the Coventry lad. Heat finishes 7-0 and referee Roger Dainty had no option but to show Williams a red card and match ban. This also means the points scored by Williams do not count and he can take no further part in the match.

Heat 16 after all the fuss was none eventful and split 5 all Jewkes taking the win ahead of Phillips. Heat 17, Williams stays in the pits following the red card so Pietak lines up with Rowley and Meanley. Thirteen year old Rowley wins from Pietak for the 2nd time this afternoon. Heat 18 and thankfully the final heat is taken by the visitors 4-6 Grimes winning from Ricki Johnson and Dave Frith with Hemming at the back.

Grimes leads Johnson in heat 18

Grimes leads Johnson in heat 18

The final scores need a little explaining, so first off as a sporting gesture and following an apology from Williams, referee Roger Dainty sportingly rescinded the red card. This allows his scores to be counted, yes unfortunately he missed his final heat, but that’s cycle speedway. Thankfully for Williams, there will be no repercussions from the league or British Cycling.

Wednesfield Aces 92
C Jewkes 16+2 (5), C Parfitt 14 (5), H Rowley 14 (5), R Johnson 15+2 (5), D Meanley 12 (5), P Hemming 9 (5), R Cox 10+2 (5), A Aris 4 (2)

Coventry 81
K Pietak 18 (5), M Grimes 15 (5), M Phillips 12 (5), D Frith 11+2 (5), D Drewett 9+1 (5), K Williams 9 (5), J McLaughlin 4 (5), C Barnett 3+1 (2)

Report by Wednesfield Aces