MATCH REPORT: Home International

The official match report for the Home International meeting, sent in my Newport Cycle Speedway.

Newport CSC staged the Home Internationals, which resulted in a fine win for England in the Junior event, with Wales second 12 points behind and Scotland in third.

England 78
J.Moore 21+1, R.Fellgett 16+2, M.Hill 16+2, A.Smith 16+1, R.Hudson 16
Wales 66
J.Soper 14+4 K.Roberts 14, M.Phillips 12+1, A.Bennett 10, I. Payne 9, C.Parfitt 7
Scotland 56
M.lee 13, K.Holland 11+2, W.Owen 10+2, D.Morgan 10, E.Lennedy 9, C.Cairney 3

The seniors took to the track with England looking to successfully defend the title. With a strong Welsh team looking the best bet to topple them, this was looking likely as the home country led at the interval by 2 points.

England came out the stronger in the second half, with Wales suffering an exclusion and a last in consecutive heats to lose their lead. Ireland were finding the fast grippy track too much for them but the Scots were having one of their best internationals for years.

England 59
A.Angell 15, J.Brooke 12, G.Parr 12, M.Smith 11, S.Harris 9
Wales 48
B.Mould 12, M.Carmichael 10, J Soper 9, N.Evans 9, M.Winwood 8
Scotland 41
M.Hewitson 11, N.Groves 8, J.Ball 8, K.Holland 7, W.Owen 7
Ireland 29
L.Roberts 12, C.Rumbold 5, G.Colby 4, S.Copping 4, P.Hemming 4

So a fine days racing at one of the best tracks in the UK saw England’s strengh in depth just prevail against an improving Wales and Scotland, with Ireland suffering from withdrawals. The meeting was sponsored by shop local company “The Best Of Newport”, for which Newport Cycle Speedway are very grateful.