DRAW: British Over 40s and Over 60s Individual at Norwich

Norwich Cycle Speedway host this year’s Over 40s and Over 60s Veterans Final at the Hardford Park circuit on Saturday 2nd August 2014. The pre-qualifying stars at 1pm with the final of both the Over 60s and Over 40s taking place at 2:30pm. The full draw released by British Cycling is as follows.

Pre Qualifying down to 16 

1300 Hours
1 Daniel Zagni
2 Darren Mitchell
3 Gavin Parr
4 Chris Turner
5 Mark Winwood
6 Robert Prince
7 Gary Brown
8 Ian Johnson
9 Timothy Grimes
10 Phil Clarke
11 Patrick Wenn
12 Jason Burke
13 Roger Carter
14 Martyn Hollebon
15 Mark Whitehead
16 Jason Keith
17 Alan Parkins
18 Michael Knowles
19 Stephen Copping
20 Peter Chant
21 Colin Wheeler
22 Peter Ingram
23 Leslie Stevens
24 Steve Harris
Four riders have entered the Over 60’s Championship
Robert Prince
Roger Carter
Colin Wheeler
Leslie Stevens
These four riders will ride the Pre Qualifing over 40’s Round. The result of this Championship shall be determined by the order of the final placings of these riders in the Over 40’s final.
Where two or more riders from these entries do not qualify for the final, there shall be a ride off between these non qualifiers to determine their placings this Championship
Les Stevens (East London) has entered both Championships and therefore qualifies for a placing in both. The remaining three riders only qualify for awards in the Over 60’s Championship

Over 60’s Individual

Norwich 2nd August
Any Ride Off Required 1430 Hours

Over 40’s Individual

Norwich 2nd August
Final 1430 Hours