AUSTRALIA: Joel Chadwick takes Murraylands title

Joel Chadwick powered his way to victory in the Division 1 category at the Murraylands Open Championship on Sunday 6th July 2014. See the photos and scores:

Murraylands Open Championship Results

Div 1

Joel Chadwick, Cody Chadwick, Daniel Thompson, Tyrone Walters

Over 30s

Simon Harley, Mick Ingham, Chris Clothier, Rob Mathews


Lucy Millikin, Jess Snowden, Carly Martin

Div 2

Brodie Wohlschlager, Brodie Charlson, Mathew Hurley

Girls under 13

Chloe Williams, Tanaya Macdonald, Lila Waye, Jade Matcott

Div 4

Matty Snowden, Toby Wohlschlager, Jayden Ray, Jackson Dobie

Div 5

Cohen Adamson, Thomas Jansen, Braylan Macdonald, Jacob Pudney

Div 6

Tylar MacDonald, Ben Pudney, Bradley Williams Cook, Daniel Dobie

Girls 16inch

Jayla Mohr, Danielle Grigg, Adel Scheirich, Rochelle Riggs

Div 7

Kalen Fowler, Cale McAlinden, Kimberley Williams Cook, Jaeleo Mitchell