MATCH REPORT: Vikings take advantage over under-power A&T

Astley & Tyldesley 82 – 96 Northumbria, Northern League Division One, Sunday 6th July 2014

With the Vikings at full strength and the home side forced to track two U-13’s, the visitors looked strong favourites going into this meeting. The scales were further tipped in Northumbria’s favour when Astley suffered 2 tape exclusions in the first 2 heats, the tapes being held a long time it seemed throughout the day.

Taking advantage the Vikings quickly raced into a 10 point lead after heat 5, though Astley kept plugging away with their top young duo of Adam Phillips and Reece Pollitt racking up plenty of points, 8 of the next 9 heats shared. The racing was certainly competitive, though it proved surely too competitive in heat 8 as Mark Mulvey and Luke Jamson clashed and re-clashed all race, it ending badly as Jamson pushed Mulvey far too wide in the final corner, Mulvey ending up being put very hard into the fence and emerging with a bloodied face for his troubles, Jamson however escaping an exclusion.

A 7-3 in heat 15 as Dan Redshaw took his 2nd win of the day sealed the win for Northumbria, for whom Gavin Parr only dropped points due to a fall, while Daniel Wharrier raced to an impressive 14+2 points haul, the rest of the team backing up each other very well with solid riding from all.

ASTLEY & TYLDESLEY: Adam Phillips 18+1, Reece Pollitt 18, Paul Graham 14+1, Luke Jamson 9+2, Max Evans 9, Gareth Paine 8, Mark Graham 4, Matthew Snell 2
NORTHUMBRIA: Gavin Parr 17, Jason Keith 16+1, Daniel Wharrier 14+2, Mark Mulvey 13, Michael Parr 12+3, Dan Redshaw 11, Terry Kirkup 7+2, John Wilson 6+2

Northern League Division Two

Again it was Reece Pollitt and Adam Phillips who were left to score the bulk of the home side’s points, the rest of the squad being mostly Div 3 riders, Pollitt being unbeaten while Phillips lost out only due to a last heat tape exclusion. Vikings Div 2 team captain Jim Graham enjoyed a good score, he involved in a superb heat 14 as he battled hard to get round Gareth Paine after a tough first corner. Scott Latimer meanwhile had an easier day than usual, dropping only a single and emerging as the bonus point king of the day, though it was John Wilson and Andy Knowles who as expected proved themselves the top team riders for their partners, as the visitors pulled well ahead for the meeting win.

ASTLEY & TYLDESLEY: Reece Pollitt 20, Adam Phillips 15+1, Gareth Paine 8, Matthew Snell 7, Ben Dickinson 5, Max Evans 5, Emily Burgess 3, Joe Quarmby 1
NORTHUMBRIA: Dan Redshaw 16+1, Scott Latimer 14+4, Jim Graham 15+1, Daniel Wharrier 12, Neil Magee 10+1, Andy Knowles 7+3, John Wilson 6+2, Terry Kirkup 5