MATCH REPORT: Falcons display their strength in Three Rivers League first leg

Edinburgh proved to be the strongest squad in the first leg of the Three Rivers League at Glasgow Cycle Speedway, winning both the matches today with ease, Mark Lee unbeaten against Glasgow and only losing out to Northumbria top man Jason Keith in the latter event against the Vikings, while the continued improvement of the Edinburgh youngsters is very much evident.

Northumbria could not contain the young lads from the Scottish capital in their clash, with key man Daniel Wharrier having a difficult meeting, although he did finish well with a double outside overtake in the nominated heat, Wharrier also being the main man to back up Keith in the final match of the day as the Vikings recovered from their earlier defeat to the Falcons, running up a 15 point win against Glasgow.

The hosts were forced to track a couple of guests as well as signing up Neil Swanson for this competition, but it is hoped when work commitments allow they will be more competitive in later rounds, this whole series being about the development of some the country’s newest clubs and their riders.

GLASGOW 54 (Gavin Kennedy 16, Andy McDougal 14+1, Neil Swanson 13, Colin Gray 6+1, Jim Alexander 5)
EDINBURGH 72 (Mark Lee 16, Euan Kennedy 13, Marcin Czarkowski 11+1, Callum Slight 9, Louis Kennedy 8+2, Calum Cairney 8, Dougie Morgan 7+1)

EDINBURGH 71 (Mark Lee 15, Marcin Czarkowski 14, Euan Kennedy 9, Dougie Morgan 8+1, Calum Cairney 8+1, Callum Slight 7+2, Louis Kennedy 6+1, Gavin Kennedy 4)
NORTHUMBRIA 59 (Jason Keith 15, Daniel Wharrier 10, Neil Magee 9, Terry Kirkup 9, Andy Knowles 8+2, Jim Graham 7, Keith Dyer 1)

NORTHUMBRIA 70 (Jason Keith 19, Daniel Wharrier 12+2, Neil Magee 10+2, Terry Kirkup 10+1, Andy Knowles 9+2, Jim Graham 8+1, Keith Dyer 2)
GLASGOW 55 (Andy McDougal 17, Calum Cairney 14, Neil Swanson 12, Colin Gray 8, Jim Alexander 4)