MATCH REPORT: Monarchs win crunch fixture

Birmingham Monarchs maintained the run to the Midland League trophy after winning at a hot East Park this sunday.

Monarchs had a full strength side as East Park were missing a couple of riders but still had the strong pairing of Jamie Ball and David Ball as well Matt Smith and some of the strong youngsters that have come through the Wolverhampton’s sides ranks.

Birmingham started with a 7-3 as Scott Millward took the flag ahead of Marcus Wadhams with Brandon Whetton and David Ball picking up the points for the home side. The Monarchs then extended their lead as Mark Winwood took heat two ahead of Jamie Ball with Bob Prince taking thord for a 6-4.

Heat three saw a great battle at the front between Matt Smith and Chris Timms with the East Park rider taking the win as Nathan Groves picked up third as Lee Kemp was excluded for pushing the Monarch and Scotland rider wide on the back straight. Heat four saw Wadhams take the win as the share heat was shared and then Monarchs claimed a second 7-3 in heat five as Paul Timms and Scott Millward got the better of David Ball and Will Cartwright.

Heat six saw East Park get the second win of the afternoon and Matt Smith once more as a 6-4 clawed the gap back to 25-34. Heat seven though saw Nathan Groves pick up his first win and a 6-4 for Birmingham as Chris Timms finished just behind David Ball. Heat eight saw a 5-5 as Jamie Ball took the win ahead of Carl Winwood and Scott Millward and then just before the interval Wadhams got his second win as a 6-4 gave Birmingham a 51-38 lead going into the break.

After the break Matt Smith made it a hat-trick of wins though Paul Timms and Mark Winwood filled in the places behind to make it a 5-5. Heat eleven saw fireworks as the race was restarted due to first turn bunching. In the re-run Groves and Jamie Ball battled hard with Groves going down. Nathan was not happy and after the race Bernie Kemp had to provide the peace as tempers flared. Heat twelve saw Marcus Wadhams also hit three wins as he finished above Brandon Whetton for a 6-4 and the overall score 67-52.

From now Birmingham looked to be heading back to Perry Barr with the points and heat thirteen saw Carl Winwood and Scott Millward ride to a 7-3 ahead of Matt Smith and Lee Kemp. A 6-4 in heat fourteen courtesy of Chris Timms and Paul Timms then made the scores 80-59. Heat fifteen saw Groves and Ball both out but luckily no repeat as Groves and Wadhams showed good team riding for a 7-3 and it was nice to see Jamie and Nathan going back to the pits smiling and acknowledging each other.

Heat sixteen saw Mark Winwood take his second win as a shared heat helped Birmingham stay comfortably ahead. The Whetton brothers of Brandon and Jamie got a 6-4 in heat seventeen but a final 7-3 by Scott Millward and Chris Timms made the final score 103-76.

East Park Wolves 76: B.Whetton 12, D.Ball 9, J.Ball 12, J.Whetton 9, Kemp 9, Smith 14, White 6, Cartwright 5

Birmingham Monarchs 103: C.Winwood 9, Millward 16, Prince 6, M.Winwood 15, C.Timms 16, Groves 14, Wadhams 18, P.Timms 9