MATCH REPORT: Poole march on in KO cup

On Sunday 20th July 2014, Poole Cycle Speedway Club travelled to the home of the Exeter Aces for the first round of the British Knock-out Cup. Both sides where matched evenly so the crowd was in for a good match.

Poole set their stale off from the start gaining two 7-3 heat advantages from the pairings of Dean Hook and Ben Donohue over Jack Herbert and Dan Winchester and Aaron Smith and Wil Bristowe over Craig Nethercott and Andrew Yard. Aaron Herbert and Sam Riddle scored an even drawn heat with Arron Morgan and Hayden Chant, this was before Poole got another 7-3 with Dean Hook and Luke Armes over Dan Winchester and Andy Collett. Joe Avery and Jack Herbert both split the Poole pairing of Ben Donohue and Pete Chant. Heat 6 threw up some exciting racing. Wil Bristowe found himself excluded after Aaron Herbert, literally, went through the outside fencing. Aaron Smith had the face the Exeter pairing of Aaron Herbert and Sam Riddle on his own. Whilst under starters orders Smith moved at the tapes and was given his marching orders. Herbert and Riddle gained a 7-0 heat advantage to keep Exeter’s hopes alive. Scores at this stage of the meeting Exeter 26 Poole 31.

However after this disappointment Poole hit straight back with a 7-3 heat advantage from Arron Morgan and Hayden Chant over Dan Winchester and Jack Herbert. The next two races where drawn heats going into the interval. Scores at half time Exeter 39 Poole 48. The first two races after the interval started as the first half ended two drawn heats. Heat 12 was just as exciting at heat 6. Aaron Smith was given his marching orders again after Referee Robin Spicer said Smith brought down another rider with his leg. Wil Bristowe went out to face the pairing of Dan Winchester and Jack Herbert. Winchester made a good gate, but was unable to keep the Poole rider behind him. Bristowe went on to win the race followed by Winchester and Herbert.

Poole, again, after a disappointing heat hit back with another 7-3 heat advantage from Dean Hook and Ben Donohue after Aaron Herbert and Sam Riddle could find no way through this Poole pairing. The next heat Andrew Yard managed to split the Poole pairing of Aaron Morgan and Pete Chant. Andy Collett, try as he might, couldn’t find a way past Pete Chant. Heats 15 and 16 were both drawn heats. Scores going into the last two races where Exeter 71 Poole 85. Heat 17 Joe Avery was given his marching orders leaving Andrew Yard to face the pairing of Aaron Smith and Hayden Chant. Good team riding by the Poole pairing meant that Andrew Yard was kept in 3rd place and unable to pass either of them. In the final race Poole finished the meting as they started it. However this wasn’t without some struggle. After the first two laps Exeter team manager Craig Nethercott was leading the race, but try as he might he couldn’t keep both Ben Donohue and Arron Morgan behind him. After Donohue made a glorious pass on Nethercott getting team partner Morgan threw Poole ended the meeting on a 7-3 heat advantage.

Final Score Exeter 76 Poole 99.

A special thank you to the Poole Cycle Speedway team on behalf of team manager Craig Nethercott for the card they gave his as in just under 3 weeks Nethercott will be getting married.

Team Scores:

Exeter – 76:
Dan Winchester – 9 – 4 Rides
Jack Herbert – 7+2 – 5 Rides
Craig Nethercott – 13+1 – 5 Rides
Andrew Yard – 10 – 5 Rides
Aaron Herbert – 13 – 5 Rides
Sam Riddle – 12+2 – 5 Rides
Andy Collett – 2 – 2 Rides
Joe Avery – 10 – 5 Rides

Poole – 99:
Dean Hook – 17+1 – 5 Rides
Ben Donohue – 15+4 – 5 Rides
Aaron Smith – 8+3 – 5 Rides
Wil Bristowe – 14+1 – 5 Rides
Arron Morgan – 19+1 – 5 Rides
Hayden Chant – 12 – 5 Rides
Luke Armes – 11 – 5 Rides
Pete Chant – 3 – 2 Rides.