NEWS: Power calls it a day

Swindon rider Neil Power has retired from Cycle Speedway due to injury.

Neil started riding at the age of 10 for Newport Stars for 9 years, before giving up the sport, something that can be quite a common tale. What also is quite common is that Neil came back after 20 years, after meeting up with Gilbert Davis and Rob Absalom. They asked Neil to come down to East Newport to watch a match in 2008 and he became hooked again.

The 41 year oldĀ rode for East Newport until the club folded and then went back to Newport in 2013, something which unfortunately did not work out. Swindon stepped in and gave him an opportunity to ride on loan until the end of 2013 and snapped him up for the 2014 season, which has unfortunately been cut short due to a back injury.

Neil has asked to extend his gratitude to both East Newport and Swindon for his time in the sport.

Neil is selling his silver alloy Archie with the new wider forks. It comes with two sets of wheels, red Archies and black DP3000s. He also has a front 26″ DP3000 with a Maxxis Larsen TT tyre. Both back wheels have Archie 109 pawl freewheels, new this season, two sets of handle bars and new bearings in the headset. If anyone is interested, you can contact Neil via Facebook HERE.

We wish Neil all the best and hope to see him around the tracks regularly! Here’s some photos of Neil in action: