RESULTS: Zagni and Prince British Veterans Champions

Kesgrave added to their Veterans Club Championship dominance with two riders taking the top spots in the Over 40s. Danny Zagni is the new Over 40s champion, Peter Ingram second and Gavin Parr third.

Bob Prince takes the Over 60s title, with Leslie Stevens in second and Roger Carter third.

Full scores:

Over 40s

1st Danny Zagni (Kesgrave) 19
2nd Peter Ingram (Kesgrave) (18)
3rd Gavin Parr (Northumbria) 17

Paddy Wenn (Norwich) 17 Martyn Hollebon (Hellingly) 16 Mark Winwood (Birmingham) 14 Gary Brown (Kesgrave) 14 Chris Turner (Sheffield) 14 Bob Prince (Birmingham) 12 Alan Parkins (Norwich) 12 Jason Keith (Northumbria) 12 Peter Chant (Poole) 9 Michael Knowles (Sheffield) 8 Leslie Stevens (East London) 7 Roger Carter (Hethersett) 6 Phil Clarke (Ipswich) 5

Over 60s

1st Bob Prince (Birmingham)
2nd Leslie Stevens (East London)
3rd Roger Carter (Hethersett)

Referee – David Hill (Suffolk)