RESULTS: Women’s League and Women’s Individual

Results from today’s meeting at Leicester. Midlands 67 – 53 East

North 52 – 67 South and South Wales

Intermediate Class Individual Finals

D Final

1st Chloe Horton

2nd Katie Adams

3rd Amanda Rigley

4th Alice Unwin

C Final

1st Chloe Whitehead

2nd Chloe Pierce

3rd Bailie Phillips

4th Kenda Croucher

B Final

1st Samantha Marsh

2nd Alice Neighbour

3rd Christine Amos Adams

4th Natalie Timms

A Final

1st Jenna Whitehead

2nd Charlotte Adams

3rd Gemma Hill

4th Elizabeth Rigley

Senior Class Individual Finals

D Final

1st Tonicha Hyde

2nd Caris Glover

3rd Katie Adams

C Final

1st Chloe Albin

2nd Christina Mines

3rd Rebecca Davies

4th Lisa Marie Bown

B Final

1st Lucy Whitehead

2nd Lauren Hookway

3rd Lily Gedge

4th Laura Watson

A Final

1st Michelle Whitehead

2nd Lauren Jacobs

3rd Charlie Jane Herbert

4th Vicky Brown