WEBSITE: Introducing “Letters”

After being highlighted throughout the season at various tracks and also regularly in our recent survey, we are pleased to announce a new area of the website called “Letters”, where anyone is welcome to email in their views on Cycle Speedway and we will publish them on 33/18 News. However, there are a couple of rules to follow…

We will not publish emails anonymously. We feel this is counter productive and lets people be overly negative towards members, clubs and referees, hiding behind their anonymity. We believe, if you deem your voice being heard asĀ important, it’s equally important that people know who’s voice it is – especially if it is regarding them or their club.

We will not publish anything that we believe is exceissivly derogatory towards a club, referee/official or member of the Cycle Speedway community. Anything negative towards any of these partiesĀ must be written constructively and without personal attack. Regarding referees, please always consider that they have the toughest job in cycle speedway and without them, we have no sport.

We reserve the right to not publish anything that we feel falls into these brackets.