PREVIEW: Coventry lower defences for Leicester clash

Coventry Cycle Speedway club boss Lee Marsh has revealed why the Hearsall Common club act for the overall good – shortly after confirming he`s effectively dropped his three best riders for Sundays big home derby clash with local rivals Leicester.

Marsh has left out Polish stars Konrad Pietak, Dominik Rycharski and British Finalist Myke Grimes for the Leicester clash, leaving the way open for youngsters Dan Drewett, Mason Phillips and Kyle Roberts to assume heat leader positions.

Marsh commented, “As many will have experienced in our sport, many clubs `enjoy` periods of highs and lows. Currently, we are enjoying a boom time but our friends at Leicester are struggling with rider retirements, injuries and a general lack of senior riders, although their junior and women’s teams are still going strong.”

“So, its not in our interest, and certainly not in Leicester`s current plight, to thrash them out of sight this Sunday. By agreement, and in the sports interest, we have scaled down and rested our three top riders. This will have the effect of making the match more competitive”.

Marsh, who along with wife Karen, has emerged as key administrators at the Godiva club. They have also tirelessly volunteered at many other tracks and have regularly helped out at Leicester, Birmingham and Bretford in off track roles.

Their family, including promising junior Josh and top girl racer Sammi, are amongst the many parents to have lifted Coventry to new heights. They also are always the first to welcome visitors to Hearsall Common on match days, providing a a friendly and convivial atmosphere at race events.

Marsh sees Coventry`s policy in helping Leicester as the only way forward, with the stronger clubs helping others where possible. He said. “Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. Apart from our approach to Leicester this Sunday, we lent another club two riders just a few weeks ago and only this week we at Coventry have acted to secure the future of the Bretford club, after the Bulldogs became within an hour of folding a fortnight ago”.

A former top cricket administrator, and keen Coventry Bees fan, Marsh is sometimes surprised at the general politics that blight the sport. He said, “There is so much good that goes on in Cycle Speedway but I have found our genuine good intentions are not always replicated. Apart from what I have said above, we at Coventry will always look to work with and assist other clubs. From producing snappy artwork for events, and advice on how to promote and recruit, and to welcoming all to the new home of indoor racing, we shall continue to act with the best of intentions by working together”.