MATCH REPORT: Hammers wrap up Elite League campaign unbeaten

Horspath Hammers completed their Elite League season with a 96-81 win over Ipswich Eagles to finish the season 100% record, both teams were down on their usual Elite League strength, as infact The Hammers have been in all bar one of their home programme.

As with the other meetings the riders coming in stepped up to the plate and fully deserved their gold medals at the end of the meeting. As has been the normal practise, Hammers went behind at the start of the meeting with an exclusion to Zac Payne leaving Jamie Chittock and Leon Mower to grab a 7-2.

The Hammers drew level following a Ben Harvey exclusion in a race that saw Mark Boaler come through with his partner Danny Harper, after a couple of tactically raced drawn heats it was a 6-4 from the old pairing of Boaler/Harper to put Horspath in front. Lewis Osborne, in fine form the back end of the season and Zac Payne combined for a 7-3. Two 6-4’s from Lukasz Nowacki/Wayne Hutt and Danny Harper/Lewis Osborne and suddenly Horspath were 10 up at the break.

The second half bought an Andy Johnson/Mark Boaler 7-3 to open. It took to heat 12 for Ipswich to reply through a 6-4 from the impressive Matt Hill/Charlie Rumbold partnership. Wayne Hutt/Lewis Osborne struck a 7-3 in the 14th, but an exclusion to Lukasz Nowacki gaining an advantage outside the white line saw Adam Peck and Fraser Harris register a 7-2 for The Eagles. With 16 & 17 drawn, Horspath closed the campaign with a Lukasz Nowacki/Mark Boaler 7-3. Adam Peck defeated Mark Boaler in the match race holding off a strong last bend challenge by a width of a tyre.

After the match Horspath were presented with The Robyn Carter Memorial Trophy by his father Pete much to the delight of the home faithful.

Horspath 96
G.Horsley 1, Z.Payne 11+1, L.Nowacki 9+1, W.Hutt 11+2, D.Harper 14+2, M.Boaler 17+2, L.Osborne 16+1, A.Johnson 11+1.

Ipswich 81
J.Chittock 15, L.Mwer 11+1, C.Rumbold 9+1, M.Hill 15, B.Harvey 4, A.Peck 15+1, F.Harris 7+1, M.Debnam 5, A.Harvey DNR.

Referee M.Legge

Match race Adam Peck (Ipswich) beat Mark Boaler.

Elite League Combination

With so many riders doubling up for Ipswich they gave away 55 penalty points to Hammers 18. In the end they went to the last race level, however a Zac Payne / George Horsley 6-4 gave Hammers their first combo win of the season!

Horspath (46+55) 101
G.Horsley 10, W.Jeffrey 7, N.loveridge 8, Z.Payne 10, O.Johnson 5, J.CurrellĀ 6.

Ipswich (81+18) 99
J.Chittock 8, M.Debnam 13, C.Rumbold 6, F.Harris 14, M.Hill 18, B.Harvey 12+2, A.Harvey 11+1.