MATCH REPORT: Bury individuals

The first events in a very busy weekend for the Bury cycle speedway took place on Saturday afternoon at the Goshen Track.

The Coaches had arranged an individual event for the younger riders and newcomers, and 18 riders turned up at the start.

The event was split into two with the bigger and more experienced riders in one group of six and the rest in another group of 12.

The pleasing part of the whole afternoon was that the 2nd div team junior riders who had their own event a couple of weeks ago turned up and officiated for the little ones showing great team spirit for their young club mates.

Danny Taylor refereed the match, Adam Turnbull was starter and Louis Turner was Flag Marshall.

After 12 heats of sometimes hectic racing the winner of the big wheelers award with 4 good wins was Daniel Miller, 2nd was Sean Etheridge, and 3rd Lewis Habib. Harry Radford scored a good 13 points and Jake Brayshaw 12, Anton Collet finished on 11.

In the Little wheelers event the racing was even closer with a number of races being won by a tyres width.

After 19 heats the clear winner on 20 points with 5 race wins was Charlie Thacker, 2nd was Duncan Whalley, on 18 with Brandon Hindley winning a 4 rider run off to take 3rd place on 17 points.

Liam Robinson and Angel Etheridge also finished on 17 points.

Kameron Goodeve totalled 15 points Hermoine Whalley totalled 13 points, and Kyle Turner, Kaci Neath and Edward Lynch rode to 12 points each.
Leo Guite scored 11 points, and Joshua Lomax 10.

All the riders received trophies, T shirts medals Gloves or wrist bands.