MATCH REPORT: Torun v Wednesfield

Last weekend Torun celebrated the 15th anniversary of the of the club, to celebrate the club planned many events.

On Saturday the Polish side held a friendly match between themselves and Midland side Wednesfield Aces, who came especially to celebrate the 15th birthday of Torun club.

Wednesfield had two guests courtesy of their hosts. Przemyslaw Binkowski and Luke Belchnerowski both put on the colours of the Aces. Both rode for the first time competitively against their native team. The meeting was held in a very friendly atmosphere. Torun were victorious, 93-87, avenging their defeat in 2012 during the European Championships, where both teams met previously, the Aces winning 96-84. Special thanks to Luke Bazelak for leading the meeting as a refeere and Luke Benz, as always, a great commentator during the competition!

Full scores

TSŻ Toruń 93

1.Remigiusz Burchardt (1,3*,4,2,3) 13+1
2.Marcin Paradziński (3,3,3*,4,4) 17+1
3.Adam Bożejewicz (4,4,3*,4,2) 17+1
4.Damian Kosiński (1,1,1,1,-) 4
5.Paweł Cegielski (4,3,4,3*,3*) 17+2
6.Martin Katarzyński (1,-,-,2,-) 3
7.Karol Krajewski (4,4,1,1,1) 11
8.Patryk Katarzyński (1,-,-) 1
9.Łukasz Marchlewski (1,4,4,1) 10

Wednesfield Aces 87

1.Lee Aris (2,2,4,3,3*) 14+1
2.Przemysław Binkowski (4,4,2,2*,3*,4) 19+2
3.Ben Mould (3,1,2*,4,2) 12+1
4.Marcus Wadhams (2*,2,3,1,4) 12+1
5.Paul Heard (3,3,2,3,2) 13
6.Chris Jewkes (2*,2*,3,1,1) 9+2
7.Harrie Everiss (1,1,2) 4
8.Łukasz Belchnerowski (2,2*,-) 4+1