NEWS: Parr to launch new racing bottoms

Northumbria and Sheffield skipper, Gavin Parr, is currently in the middle of producing some trial runs of new racing bottoms, with Kevlar over the regular impact points for Cycle Speedway crashes.

In a post on social media, Parr, who is no stranger to hitting the deck this year, commented:

I’m busy working closely with a clothing manufacturer to produce a pair of ‪#‎nopainnogain‬ racing bottoms, which will be specific to Cycle Speedway. As most of you are aware I’ve spent plenty of this season with skin missing and probably make the perfect crash test dummy!

The bottoms will be made to exact measurements and will utilise stretchy Kevlar (used in Speedway and Moto x suits) in the places where skin is most likely lost. The bottoms will be tight fitting like the Tudor sports / muddy fox style tights worn at present by many riders.

The cost etc won’t be much more than the Tudor Sports ones but I’m 100% convinced they will protect your skin and last much much longer. Team names and badges will be able to be added.

Trial pairs should be ready within 4 weeks. Please feel free to spread the word.

We will keep up to date with further developments as they come…