FEATURE: Urban Cycle Speedway

Here’s something new! The city of Brighton is home to a new discipline of Cycle Speedway coming in December, Morvelo Battle Royale – Urban Cycle Speedway.

The website explains exactly what’s going on:

Morvélo Battle Royale is a unique take on bicycle speedway, using a natural concrete oval in an abandoned old market in central Brighton. Pitching all types of riders and bikes against each other in a series of fast and furious knockout heats. Enter your ‘gang’ as a team of three, pick your gang colours, and make sure you’re not last over the line.

We welcome any bikes to race as long as they are road worthy with at least one functioning brake. Take a look at the BIKES section to get some ideas. Helmets are compuslory

‘Gangs’ or Teams are encouraged to wear their ‘colours’ to make them stand out from the others. Check our the GANGS page to get some inspiration.

Battle commences on Saturday 6th December from 9am to 8pm at Circus Street Old Market

It would be interesting to see a “gang” of Cycle Speedway riders take up the challenge, so do let us know if anyone is going for it. You may need to modify your bike to have a brake though!

Check out their website here…