MATCH REPORT: Underwood Flyers enjoy successful day at Welsh Riders Championships

A green army descended on Newport Cycle Speedway at the weekend, as Underwood Flyers made the short journey to take part in the 2014 Welsh Riders’ Championship.

It wasn’t long before everyone realised they meant business with 3rd place regional BYJL medallist Logan Smith taking the spoils in the U8s, and then 2nd place in U10s, after Joshua Evans of Newport.

The flyers carried on reaping the rewards with Dan Wright U12s and Ieuan Payne in the U14s taking the trophies back to underwood. The travelling crowd roared with delight as they welcomed U13s former British champion ‘Jamie-lea walters back to the track, after a few years out. But it was Coventry star Kyle Roberts who took the U16s title and then went on to win the open.



A final
1st Logan Smith (Underwood Flyers)
2nd Blayde Perry ( Underwood flyers)
3rd Alisha-Mae Allen (Underwood flyers)
4th Dylan (Newport)

B final
1st Trinity Round (Underwood flyers)
2nd Lewis (Newport)


A final
1st Joshua Evans (Newport)
2nd Logan Smith (Underwood Flyers)
3rd Ralph Jones (Newport)
4th Blayde Perry (Underwood Flyers)

B final
1st Caitlyn Walters (Underwood Flyers)
2nd Sam Davies (Newport)
3rd Alisha-Mae Allen (Underwood Flyers)


A final
1st Dan Wright (Underwood Flyers)
2nd Joshua Evans (Newport)
3rd Charley Drew (Underwood Flyers)
4th Ralph Jones (Newport)

B final
1st Hollie Prosser (Underwood Flyers)
2nd Elly Smyth (Underwood Flyers)
3rd cole Bowen (Underwood Flyers)
4th Alicia Watkins (Underwood Flyers)


A final
1st Ieuan Payne (Underwood Flyers)
2nd Robbie Bowen (Underwood Flyers)
3rd Dan Wright (Underwood Flyers)
4th Hollie Prosser (Underwood Flyers)

B final
1st Cole Bowen (Underwood Flyers)
2nd Elly Smyth (Underwood Flyers)


A final
1st Kyle Roberts (Coventry)
2nd Adam Bennett (Newport)
3rd Ieuan Payne (Underwood Flyers)
4th Robbie Bowen (Underwood Flyers)

B final
1st Jamie-Lea Walters (Underwood Flyers)


A Final
1st Kyle Roberts (Coventry)
2nd Jacob Soper (Newport)
3rd Mark Carmichael (Newport)
4th Daniel Bock (Newport)

Newport’s Colin Simmonds commented, “congratulations to the winners and well done to all the riders for some great racing in all the age groups. Welsh cycle speedway looks very strong at both club and international level, we look forward to 2015 with optimism.”