LETTERS: “Play-offs a great idea”

Tim Metcalfe has responded to Les Gustafson’s earlier letter about whether or not play-offs are something that should be regularly included in Cycle Speedway…

This is a great idea and something that I raised a few years ago, only to be rebuffed due to the differences in team structures in the different leagues. It has to be remembered that, as an example, the south west use rider gradings and restrictions to try and level the field between elite and none elite clubs.

If a suitable compromise could be found so that the teams competing in the playoffs are both a reflection of the team that was used to win the league but also not penalised by operating differing selection criterias it would be good. Would also be good to see this for the div 2/combination winners, but again different rider criteria and race formats operate in each region.

To be honest my idea was to scrap the elite / premier league all together. Run the regional leagues in the beginning of the season and then take the top two clubs from each region through to a playoff system to determine the overall champions.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to the reports of the various winter shenanigans, sorry meetings, that are planned.

All the best,

Tim Metcalfe

Thanks for sending that in, Tim.

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