NEWS: British Cycling membership to rise again for 2015

Membership fees for racing British Cycling events are planned to rise once again in 2015, after proposals in the agenda for “The Annual Meeting of National Council” in Crewe in November..

The price rises aren’t as severe as previous – pretty much just a pound across the board, with insurance taking the brunt of the blame for the price increase. However, it’s news that in principal is unlikely to please many within circles of the Cycle Speedway community. Here’s the details:

Membership Type

2014 2015
Bronze Individual (Senior and Junior Only) £20 £21
Silver Individual (Senior) £40 £41
Silver Individual (Junior) £26 £27
Silver Individual (Youth) £20 £21
Silver Individual (U12) £12 £13
Silver Family (Up to 2 senior and all U18s at same address) £94 £96
Gold Individual (Senior) £69 £70
Gold Individual (Junior) £50 £51
Gold Individual (Youth) £39 £40
Gold Individual (U12) £30 £31
Gold Family (Up to 2 senior and all U18s at same address) £20 £21

Club & Team affiliation Fees

Club or Association £92 £94
Commercially Named £184 £188
Schools (inc. liability insurance) £40 £45
School (exe. liability insurance) £20 £20
Sponsors £65 £66

Note: A further significant rise in insurance costs necessitates this price increase.

See our article on what’s offered in the way of insurance and the different memberships with British Cycling HERE.

Editor: Please note that the article is about to run out of date, especially where pricing are concerned. It’s important to check for the most up to date policies on the British Cycling website, before you choose your membership as our information was correct for the 2014 season only.