RESULTS: Australian Individual Championships

Here’s the top 4 from each category of the 2014 Australian Individual Championships, which took place at Le Fevre this weekend.

Div 1 Cr

1st Cody Chadwick
2nd Cameron Crisp
3rd  Shane Weinert
4th Shane Bentley

Div 2 Cr

1st Brodie Charleson
2nd Angus Freeman
3rd Corey Stevens
4th Jake Mathews

div 2 cr

Division 2 Finalists

Div 3 Cr

1st Todd Clarke
2nd Matt Hurley
3rd Matty Snowden
4th Josh Carden


div 3 cr

Division 3 Finalists

Division 4

1st Jack Norman
2nd Darnell Thompson
3rd Aidan Thompson
4th Kyle Osbourne

Div 5 Cr

1st Cooper Osborne
2nd Jacob Pudney
3rd Thomas Jansen
4th Locke Pearce

div 5 cr

Division 5 Finalists

Div 6 Cr

1st Jack Dawson
2nd Cooper Davies
3rd Tylar MacDonald
4th Josh Robb (TBC)

Division 6 Finalists

Division 6 Finalists

Div 7 Cr

1st Mitchell Osborne
2nd Zayden Thompson
3rd Marcus Melino
4th Aiden Ratcliff

Division 7 Finalists

Division 7 Finalists


1st Lucy Millikin
2nd Letitia Collins
3rd Sarah Kinross
4th Jesse Snowden

Women Finalists

Women Finalists

Girls under 13

1st Holly Greenhalgh
2nd Latisha Bevear
3rd Miriam Thompson
4th Chloe Williams