MATCH REPORT: Salisbury defeat Le Fevre to capture Australian League finals

On Sunday the Findon Club, as a neutral venue, staged the 2014 Australian League finals and a capacity following from both contesting clubs, witnessed 24 heats of first class competition.

In the Division 1 event the powerful spearhead of unbeaten Shane Wienert and Joel Chadwick ensured that the Salisbury “Jets” captured the title. However the Le Fevre ” Dolphins” should be applauded for their efforts that restricted the final scoreline to just 9 points.

Salisbury 64
Joel Chadwick 16 Ryan Greenhalgh 12 Shane Wienert 16 Conner Whelan 3 Jake Matthews 4
Cody Chadwick 10 Ryan Edson 3

Le Fevre 55
Robert Sellick 11 Ty Geertsen 10 Paul White 9 Cameron Chrisp 11 Corey Stevens 6
Andrew Wilkie 2 Jack Norman 6

Salisbury Jets - Division 1 winners

Salisbury Jets – Division 1 winners

The Division 4 ( junior) event gave the Salisbury Club a double victory to celebrate but by a much closer margin of 3 points. Outstanding performances from the Le Fevre duo of Darnell Thompson and Jack Norman always kept the “Dolphins” in with a chance of victory but the overall strength of Salisbury became the deciding factor.

Salisbury 61
Thomas Jansen 6 Kyle Osborne 9 Jacob Pudney 2 Holly Geenhalgh 11 Michael Ratcliff 13
Matt Snowden 12 Cooper Osborne 8

Le Fevre 58
Darnell Thompson 19 Adan Thompson 9 Locke Pearce 7 Jack Norman 18 Laughlin James 5
Zayden Thompson DNR

Salisbury Jets - Division 4 winners

Salisbury Jets – Division 4 winners