VIDEO/PHOTOS: Urban Cycle Speedway – Morvelo Battle Royale

Bike riders descended on Brighton at the weekend for the first Urban Cycle Speedway event, Morvelo Battle Royale. Check out the photos and video footage here.

Judging by the video and photos, the event was well attended. The track is sizeable and certainly lives up to its urban billing. Graffiti art and even smoke machines are prominent and the final involved flashing lights. It certainly looks appealing, especially to the younger/young adult generation. I think I prefer our traditional rounded corners to their square ones though!

Riders are on different style bikes from single speed to mountain bikes to BMX, plus many more. The competitors are dressed in their own attire, some even have peaks on their helmets and GoPros! Perhaps the next new Cycle Speedway track should be built inside a warehouse? Think of the benefits, probable water supply and certainly no weather to worry about!

It doesn’t look like any of our boys or girls made it along, which is a shame. Hopefully there will be more opportunities to get involved in the future.

Check out photos of the action taken by talented photographer Jonty Tacon HERE.