CHRISTMAS QUIZ: Test your Cycle Speedway knowledge!

Here’s our first ever 33/18 News Christmas Quiz. Test out your Cycle Speedway knowledge with our festive 20 questions. The first all correct answer received (by email only) will receive a dashing Mark Carmichael inspired British Indoor T-Shirt.

A very Merry Christmas to all our loyal readers.

Q1: The `Blue Diamonds` was the nickname of which club?

Q2: What do riders Dave Soloman, Nicky Whitehouse and Andy Franks have in common?

Q3: Graham Sutton was previously associated with which London club?

Q4: Who’s the odd one out: Bert Harkins, Andre Cross, Frank Smith, Phil Widdas or John Hack?

Q5: Which is the longest track currently in league use in the UK?

Q6: An official league match has been ridden indoors. True or false?

Q7: Name the last father and son pairing to appear in a British senior individual final?

Q8: By what name is Polish Cycle Speedway star Robert Bedra better known?

Q9: Name the current Cycle Speedway rider who currently co-hosts a weekly national sports radio show and often commentates on TV in a different sport?

Q10: Name 10 south east clubs who operated in the 1970s?

Q11: In what industry was John Varnish, father of Jimmy, gainfully employed?

Q12: Which Polish town annually held a Christmas meeting?

Q13: Which former Coventry track was situated right next to a canal?

Q14: What is Glasgow legend `Chic` Mackie’s proper first name?

Q15: Which former track used to annually stage a `Bonfire Night` meeting, with fireworks?

Q16: Name the former rider who owns a flat in Marble Arch and a country house in Kent?

Q17: What was the nickname of the now defunct Weymouth team?

Q18: One club made up the entire first ever Polish team for the 1997 World Cup in Australia. Name the club and the 4 riders?

Q19: Ian Brown, of Sheffield Stars CSC and Wosskow Brown Solicitors fame, has a company helicopter at his disposal. True or false?

Q20: Spectator capacity wise, name the biggest Indoor venue that has staged racing in the UK?

Send your answers to Good luck!