NEWS: Coventry CSC – Club says thanks for Indoor support

Coventry Cycle Speedway club have issued a public `thanks` for the support of the many riders, officials, parents and volunteers after its successful Indoor season of training and racing came to a close last Sunday, ending a nine week run.

A splendid turn-out of 34 riders rolled into the Sports Connexion venue for the last session, with total different individual riders numbering over 60 in total over the past two months. Sundays`s event, the last before the British Indoor weekend, saw first timers like the Lush brothers, of Stockport, and the White brothers, of East Park, in attendance.

A Coventry CSC spokesman said: “It was tremendous to see the excitement and enthusiasm every week. The commitment of so many, like Lucy Whitehead (a young mother), who attended every week after travelling from her Sheffield home, was great to see.

“Coventry CSC would like to thank all those that supported us, particularly the parents who came as far afield as Bury, Sheffield and Stockport to attend with their off-springs. Thanks also to all the many volunteers, including our old friend Ralph Doughty of Leicester who assisted. Finally, a big thanks to all our Coventry CSC members like Dave Morris, Lee Marsh and family, Andy Drewett, the Barnett family, Chris Reynolds and all the others, whose volunteering allowed the events to go-ahead each week”.