NEWS: Fresh website for booming Coventry club

To celebrate the New Year, Coventry Cycle Speedway club has developed, and launched, a fresh new website containing news, fixtures, features and more from the Godiva City outfit.

After running under the title ‘’ for the past two years, designer – and senior Coventry rider – Myke Grimes, has put together a modern, eye-catching and appealing new website for Coventry and Cycle Speedway fans to view.

Continuing as webmaster, Shaun Reynolds would like to thank those who visited the previous website and insisted the new site in an exciting prospect. Said Reynolds “We endured a lot of success with our previous website and reached over 11,500 hits over our two years with Mr Site.

“However when Myke (Grimes) pitched me the idea of this fresh new site it instantly appealed. We’ve got one of our biggest seasons as a club coming up with more riders signed to Coventry than ever. It’s because of this that a new website will help us manage the media aspect of our club.”

Coventry’s Twitter page is another media element to have recently received positive reaction. The club reached 800 followers on the night of the British Indoor Team Final where Reynolds provided live updates of various races.

“Our Twitter feed is the largest of any Cycle Speedway Club in the world and it’s something I’m extremely proud of. We have followers from all four corners of the globe – Australia, America, Poland – who regularly wish our teams good luck and enjoy our live updates.

“Twitter is the only way the average man can access live coverage of a big meeting, such as the British Final, and we received great praise from fellow riders on our coverage over the Indoor Championships weekend.”

Coventry Cycle Speedway’s season will get underway in early March, the club will participate in the 2015 Midland League.

For more information about the upcoming season for Coventry Cycle Speedway, you can visit or follow the club on Twitter using @CoventryCSC.